No problem with Skye!

This afternoon a large black van trundled up our long drive and I must admit, I got a little excited thinking the bricklayer was turning up earlier than expected.

The man who got out was dressed in all black too.  And when I opened the door his first words in a rather gruff voice were not 'Hello' or 'Hi, how you doing?', but "What's your problem?"

Well I’m no shrinking violet, so I responded in kind by telling him straight that I didn’t have a “£#@k($ problem”.

He seemed a little taken aback by this, but expanded on his first attempt in the same gruff voice with “What’s your problem with Skye?”

Now to some of you reading this the penny might have dropped, but there and then on my own doorstep my hackles were up and I wasn’t going to stand for being confronted in this way and I told him straight “I don’t have a £#@k($  problem with Skye!”

With a quizzical look he asked a little less hoarsely, “So you’ve not got a problem with Sky TV?”

And with that I finally understood that this wasn’t some menacing heavy come to mistakenly challenge me over some grievance about our beautiful island, but just a gravelly voiced technician who’d simply taken the wrong turn.

Laughing I suggested it was he who had the problem as I did not have Sky TV. I maybe should have suggested that he improve on his introductions in future to avoid such confusion, but then again maybe not. With his crusty voice and lack of proper introductions he’s sure to make somebody else laugh just as heartily in the not too distant future I’m sure and that is always a good thing.

Thankfully he hadn’t gone far astray and I cheerily gave him directions to his intended destination.

I was still laughing about it as he exited the drive and later on while working on details required by the sign-maker for our new roadside B&B sign it made me chuckle again and I was grateful, probably for the first time this year, that a planned deadline had been missed.

We waited several weeks for quotes to come back for the new sign and in the end I sought out new sign-makers on a visit to Inverness last weekend who could not have been more helpful. I have a little work to get prepared for them but I think the finished product will look great. I’ll post a picture of the new sign when it is installed.