Following in the footsteps of Tom and Barbara…


I have to put my hands up from the start and admit that I can't recall if I have ever watched a full episode of The Good Life. It aired originally on the BBC before I even went to school, but it’s been repeated that often, I’m sure at some point I must have.

I do recall that my mother was fond of this show and maybe while watching by her side I got to understand what Tom and Barbara Good were attempting to achieve. Or maybe it was one of the few elements of popular entertainment that penetrated my brain because it seemed as though Tom and Barbara were swimming against the tide of conformity in a similar way as I have done much of my life. Whatever the reason, the phrase "she has got a touch of Felicity Kendall's" is a phrase I’ve been known to use more than once when referring to my good lady wife.

If it wasn’t for Nicholla - the aforementioned better half - I would not be dexterously tapping away with a single digit from each hand on this opening blog post for our website. For despite being born and raised in a predominantly crofting community, it was the passion of my urban dwelling wife, for all the things I imagine Tom and Barbara aimed for in being self-sufficient, that has lead us to this amazing place and an opportunity to carve out the 'Good Life' for us and our children.

With this blog, I - and maybe we, too from time to time - hope to provide a wee record of our adventure and chart our progress along the way. We have plans a plenty and I suspect there will be big challenges ahead, but when life gives you the opportunity to work 48.5 acres of land in one of the most beautiful places in the world you’ve got to give it a go, don’t you?

Our journey began at the end of last year when we arrived on the island from Central Scotland, but with preparation work for our soon to open Bed & Breakfast including the construction of a website, I thought now was a good time to try my hand at blogging even if it was more for my own amusement than anything else.

So if you are reading this and thinking about following our progress, please don’t expect perfect grammar, punctuation or even spelling. I have no deep desire to enlighten or entertain anybody and even less to upset and annoy, though purely coincidentally, one or more of these may occur in some or all of my posts. So if dodgy writing or personal opinion can sometimes make steam exit your ears, you can’t say you haven’t been warned. If, like me, these things do not upset you, I hope you will come back for future installments and even make comment when the urge takes you.